Wind Generators from Scratch and scraps. Limbe Cameroon

Apr. 5, 2016
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Apr. 5, 2016

How I built my wind generator from scraps in Cameroon

How I built my wind generator from scraps in Cameroon 


I am in Cameroon-Africa. And have been so interested in renewable energy bacause pastoring in some rural communities in my country with no electricity -and electrical related facilities - , I have the burden for not only their spiritual welfare, but also for the economic and social well being.

      To achieve this as also part of my contribution to my fatherland, I engaged in at home studies and research on renewable energies like wind, solar and bio-gas. 


 I had the following challenges to overcome. And the Lord made the way for me. And not only for me but also for you reading this post. So let's move on 

   1) Study note and instructors: To solve this, I bought an internet mobile WiFi  kid from Nextel. On the net, I met experienced wind generator builders like Hugh Piggott,  Muddy Man, Mike etc. Charted, called downloaded materials from them. And went on with studies. These Hugh Piggot, Muddy Man and mike are really  masters in this field green energy. 

       I had a full workshop, practical step by step, detail lessons through MUDDY MAN's YouTube videos and discuss with him on Skype (he prefers Skype). If you watch all his videos and are in touch with him, then you are in a full practical wind generator work shop with your instructor always willing  to assist.   You can get to him through this links. Or on Skype type:  muddymuddymuddmann 

I am charting with him right now as i am writing this . he is giving me some instructions on improvements to make on my rotor to have 13.8v d.c. @ a low RPM.

       While for about two weeks now I am working with Hugh Piggot on the blade designing.  

        From Hugh Piggot  I had detail plans and lecture notes with design principles and formulae, such that you can follow and design any size of wind generator according to your requirements and materials.  He has good books on this. You get to his website through this link:, or  or 

   2) Tools: I used locally available working tools. Here, you have to sacrifice financially. See list of tools in subsequent post on this page. Or contact Hugh Piggot while I was in the U.S. he sent me a list of basic workshop tools for a wind generator workshop. I bought them there and shipped them home.

You will also have good lessons from Mike's workshop at :

   3) Materials:  neodymium Magnets, fiber, accelerator, etc. More next p ost

Here I had the greatest challenge. For most of the materials I saw on net could not be found around. Yet I must go on. 

   So I began looking  for what I can find in my environment that can give the desired result. And by the grace of God, I got everything locally. Some thrown away as useless things. They are all around you. 

 I am done with my second design/pattern for a wind generator, all from scraps. These designs will better meet my need for rural projects.  As production and maintenance/running will be cheaper, easier, quicker and without importation complexity.  

  ,,,The materials are common among scraps in Cameroon and the steps or procedure easy. I have done it you can do it.

     Pastor Ngang Godwill 

Cell. (237) 676214345 



Apr. 4, 2016